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EP.041 – Using Cultural Differences To Create Global Impact with Tayo Rockson

I would say that I saved the best for last but I happen to think all my interviews are the best! I’m happy to share season three’s final interview discussing a topic that I think is very important considering our current social climate.

In this episode of The UV Effect Podcast, I am joined by TEDx speaker, podcaster and diversity & brand strategist, Tayo Rockson. Tayo shares his experience as a Third Culture Kid, how it shaped his mindset and the steps we can all take to expand our worldview to make a global impact. 

We discuss how Tayo learned to use his differences to make a difference which perfectly lines up with The UV Effect message. Tune in to another powerful episode of the UV Effect with Tayo Rockson.

"I decided to own my identity, own my story and really just be unapologetic about who I am."

Tayo Rockson

Questions I asked:

  • You are a son of a diplomat and have grown up in many countries. How did your early lifestyle as a kid affect you positively and negatively?

  • When you were 22, you found yourself in a near death experience that prompted you to start making an impact in the world. Tell us about that. What was the near death experience?

  • The first thing you see on your website is TCK On A Mission. What does TCK mean, and why is this description of you so important to your mission?

  • Why is it important to communicate across cultures and with an impact?

  • How does a person learn to communicate in such a way?

  • Tell us about your podcast, As Told By Nomads. What’s the mission?

  • In what ways do you feel our differences are more of an advantage than a hindrance?

  • Is there anything else you like to share?

In this episode you will learn:

  • It didn’t matter where we came from all that mattered was our common goal to win.

  • Use your difference to make a difference.

  • I either win or learn, I don’t lose.

  • I decided to own my identity, own my story and really just be unapologetic about who I am.I needed to learn how to turn my identity crisis into a gift.

  • There are two reason people don’t feel like they can change the world and it’s because of a fixed mindset and a limited worldview.

  • Too many people don’t understand that the world is bigger than them.

  • Just because you can’t see the immediate results now doesn’t mean the effect is not there.

  • If we haven’t checked or recognized these unconscious behaviors that we have, there’s no telling what impact that can make.

  • Become a resource for what it is you want to know.








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