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EP.039 – Using Creativity For Social Change with Maya Penn

Inspiration is in full effect on this episode of the UV Effect Podcast. I had the pleasure of speaking to Social Entrepreneur, Animator and fellow GenZer, Maya Penn. At only 18 years old, Maya is making a global impact in her efforts in making the world a healthier place for generations. Maya doesn’t just talk the talk through her TED Talks and numerous speaking appearances, she is also walking the walk by producing eco-friendly fashion products through her company, Maya’s Ideas. Did you know that the fashion industry is the second largest polluter of our environment? It sure is! In this interview, Maya shares practical steps that we can all take to reduce waste and still enjoy a fashionable lifestyle. We also discuss small but important ways we can all impact the things care about. Gen Z is here for change, and you’ve got a front-row seat. Get those notepads ready, it’s time for another inspiring episode of #TheUVEffect with Maya Penn.

"Everyone cares about something but so many people don’t do anything about that something."

Maya Penn

Questions I asked:

  • Tell us about your start in entrepreneurship and activism/philanthropy.

  • You have multiple projects and focuses right now. Encouraging girls to pursue STEM/STEAM, creating animations and digital work, and of course your initiative to send hand-made sanitary reusable pads to girls in developing countries. Where does your eager world-changer spirit come from?

  • You started in fashion. Are you still operating that business? If so, how do you hope to continue to spread the message of sustainability through the fashion industry?

  • You wrote a book called “You Got This”. Tell us your reason for writing it.

  • How have you inspired young girls and how have you been inspired by sharing your book with others?

  • What type of struggles have you encountered in your missions to make a change? What was a moment that reminded you that it is all worth it?

  • Do you have any advice for a young person who is longing to start making change?

  • What’s next? Is there anything else you’d like to share?

In this episode you will learn:

  • Doing something that you are passionate about and doing something that makes a difference is a huge driving force to keep things going.

  • The fashion industry is the second largest polluter of our environment, only second to oil

  • You just need to think, what can I do to be less wasteful

  • Supporting eco-friendly brands send a big message to the fashion industry

  • You cannot worry about being a drop in the bucket

  • Everyone cares about something but so many people don’t do anything about that something.

  • Whatever I can do to make a difference, let me just do that Every small little action makes a huge change whether you see it or not





Maya's Ideas 4 The Planet




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