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EP.038 – UV15: Perseverance is EVERYTHING

A couple weeks ago, I experienced one of the most physically draining but exciting weekends in my life. I had to handle a television appearance and two coast to coast events in two days while dealing with being ill. The adrenaline from all that was going on helped to keep me going but there were times when I felt that I could not make it all happen, and maybe it just was not going to work out. Fear tried to rear its head and that’s when perseverance became very important.

Having fear or confidence is a choice that is made when we decide to see ourselves as we think we are, rather than who we’ve always been. We look at our lives in fragments, and when we are afraid, we see the most negative fragments. The moments that put us in a bad light make us look incapable. But In order to choose confidence, we have to be willing to see the entire picture, to realize we are not to be defined by our experiences, our experiences are defined by us, and failure will not be what dictates our future but rather how hard we decide to push, and how many times we decide to get up when we’re down.

Perseverance isn’t supposed to be easy, that’s why it has the word severe in it. The struggle is what makes us great, the pain is what makes us strong and the outcome is what makes us valuable.

"The struggle is what makes you great, the pain is what makes you strong and the outcome is what makes you valuable."

Gabrielle Jordan

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