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EP.034 – How Communication Effects Relationships with Cassandra Ferguson

In this episode of The UV Effect Podcast, I am joined by author and radio show host, Cassandra Ferguson. We revisit an old-new message that has been time-tested: the importance of mother-daughter communication. As someone with a close relationship with their mother, this discussion resonated with me. You will hear important nuggets that not only effect the mother-daughter relationship, but the family as well.

There is a lot going on in life that distracts us and prevents us from communicating effectively with those we love. Hear what Cassandra has to say as she share some tips from her book, Dear Daughters, on intentional communication and how we all can be there to support the next generation of girls who need to be heard.

"Be intentional about all of your relationships."

Cassandra Ferguson

Questions I asked:

  • Tell us about yourself. Tell us a bit of your story?

  • Why do you think it’s so difficult for people to communicate?

  • As a mother or as a daughter what can we do to listen to each other better?

  • I think being aware of what we say to each other is crucial. What can we do to listen to one another better?