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EP.033 – UV15: Seeking The Value In Others

In my last UV15, I went into detail about the importance of seeing value in yourself. In this episode, I am turning things around to take a look at the importance of seeing the Unique Value in others.

Seeing other’s unique value is all about recognizing two points:

1. Everyone has value.

2. Their value can impact your life and the lives of others.

It’s so easy to become so consumed with your own strengths, talents, and visions that our ever growing egos can block us from recognizing how others subtly or even substantially contribute to this vast world.

As an effective leader, you must know where to position a person to where they can be the most effective to succeed. But in order to do that, you must be able to recognize a person’s potential and tap into it.

When we can recognize where individuals shine and more and importantly, WHY they shine in that area, we can see how our unique values fit together like puzzle pieces.

So, take a look at the people in your life and start identifying what makes them so unique and valuable not just to you, but also to the world. As you practice this, whether you are in a leadership position or otherwise, you will grow to respect the people you are surrounded by and welcome their valuable piece of the puzzle.