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EP.032 – From Adversity To Celebrity Brand Builder with Unique Walker

In this episode of The UV Effect Podcast, I am joined by serial entrepreneur, Forbes Business Coach and founder of T-Shirt University, Unique Walker. Unique’s life has been filled with her share of challenges. From the death of both parents in her childhood, to the incarceration of her husband and business partner. Unique had been exposed to a lot and at an early age, but she learned how to use exposure – a word you will hear a lot of in this interview – as a tool for success.

Learn how she overcame adversity to create a celebrity brand worn by the likes of Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child, Fantasia, and other notable stars. Looking for inspiration? Look no further. Tune into an inspiring episode of #theUVEffect with Unique Walker.

"My why became big enough until I found my how."

Unique Walker

Questions I asked:

  • You’ve gone through some struggles at the beginning of your life. Please share a bit of your story.

  • Through those struggles, what are the best lesson that you’ve learned?

  • Leadership and entrepreneurship are things that you jumped into and were naturally very talented at. In fact, you and your husband owned several brick and mortar businesses and did very well for yourselves. What was your first business?

  • Why do you think entrepreneurship and leadership came so naturally to you? To what do you owe your initial success?

  • You had to face a huge surprise in your life. Tell us about this time in your life. How were you able to push through and move forward?

  • It’s so important to be strong and creative in times of less. Unknowingly, you were able to do that with your laptop and natural gifts and now you are teaching others how to do the same. Tell us about The T-Shirt University. Why is teaching other women what you have learned so important?

  • Is there anything else you’d like to share?

In this episode you will learn:

  • As an adult, I knew that no matter what I faced, that these days were going to change..and that trouble was not going to follow me always.

  • I believe that exposure is extremely important when you are operating any business.

  • Try your best to get around people who are positive.

  • Popular does not always mean purpose.What develops our core is, a lot of times, our past.

  • Being an entrepreneur makes you a leader and influencer if you properly leverage and position it.

  • Bosses are disposal and can be replaced, but a leader leaves a legacy.

  • Using your pain for purpose.








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