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EP.031 – The Value Of A Woman's Confidence with Carol Sankar

In this episode of The UV Effect Podcast, I am joined by, Carol Sankar.

Carol is an international high level R&D business advisor, leadership consultant & real estate investment expert whose business and leadership tips have been featured in publications internationally.

As the author of The Confidence Factor for Women in Leadership, Carol shares dynamic insights on how women can boldly step up to take their seat at the table.

You will hear her take on identifying your tradable value and knowing your replacement cost. 

There are a lot of good nuggets here that you do not want to miss, so get ready for an empowering episode of #theUVEffect with Carol Sankar.

"Once we get to a point where we can expect that there will be a barrier, we’ll be more confident."

Carol Sankar

Questions I asked:

  • You do a lot of work with women now but you use to work primarily with men when consulting. Tell us why you decided to shift your focus to developing opportunities for women to succeed.

  • You founded a company focused on cultivating the confidence of women in business. Tell us about The Confidence Factor for Women in Leadership.

  • On this show, we discuss how confidence is often the missing piece for women in business. We discovered that this problem often stems from the history of the treatment of women but it’s important that we now know the solution. How do you think women can work to develop confidence in themselves and their work?

  • In your TedTalk, you share that confidence is like an accessory that when worn, will change the way you present yourself and the way people look at you for the better. Once a woman can realize why she should be confident, how does she put that accessory on? How does she allow her confidence to be seen?

  • You wrote an international best selling book with the same name of your company. Why was this an important book for you to write?

  • I see progress when it comes to confidence in women in our society but we have to keep working to make this a consistent progression. What needs to be done as a society to build confidence in women and girls?

  • What’s next? Is there anything else you’d like to share?

In this episode you will learn:

  • I wanted to give women a way to look at themselves a different way.

  • We underestimate the power of a journey.

  • Stop lowering your standards to fit the market. Keep at the same standard, if not higher, to be able to retaliate against the barriers that are coming at you in the market.

  • Value is a tradable skill that allows you to have access to people who really recognize it and then will trade dollars for that value.

  • Learn how to identify your tradable skill.

  • We have to get to a level of not being apologetic for being confident.

  • When you know you’re confident, it literally radiates when someone asks you a question that’s in your lane.

  • If we get to be unselfish with the gift of inclusion, we will have more women included.




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