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EP.029 – Breaking Down Racial Biases with Karen Fleshman

Motivated by a mission to inspire the first anti-racist generation in America, Karen Fleshman has dedicated her life to facilitating “Racy Conversations”, and that’s exactly what you can expect to hear in this episode of the UV Effect podcast.

Karen Fleshman, Esq. helps people and companies understand how conscious and unconscious biases work, as well as how to develop an inclusive culture where all viewpoints are welcomed and valued.

We explore these issues and she shares why as a white woman she is an outspoken advocate for racial equality.

Tune in to this very transparent conversation on breaking down racial biases.

“I saw how diversity really adds to our quality of life and makes life so much better for everybody.”

Karen Fleshman

Questions I asked:

  • What was life like before you found your passion for inclusion and diversity in the workplace?

  • Tell us about “Racy Conversations”. What do you do with this program? 

  • On your website, you have the words “Inspiring the first antiracist generation in America”. That is quite the aspiration. Why are you so confident that this is possible?

  • Racism is not something that people are born with; it’s taught/learned behavior. How can someone unlearn racism and attain a mindset geared towards equality?

  • Racial biases, whether overt or covert, has had a huge effect on the employment rate and lack of inclusion for minorities. Do you believe there are any areas of employment in which biases are decreasing? If so, do you believe it’s because employers are beginning to see the value in minorities?

  • You primarily teach Caucasian employees and employers what they can do to deplete racism and minority biases, but what can you teach minorities in order to secure a spot in the workforce, even amongst racist or biased individuals?

  • Is there anything else you’d like to share?

In this episode you will learn:

  • The importance of speaking up when you see injustice

  • How white supremacy harms everyone, including white people.

  • What is a Sundown Town?How diversity adds to our quality of life.

  • How to inspire the first antiracist generation in America.

  • The importance of creating an inclusive environment in the workplace.

  • The mindset shift that is needed to occur to eliminate racism.

  • Combatting micro-aggression in the workplace.





Audre Lorde




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