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EP.027 – Discovering Your Purpose Through Service with Nehemiah Davis

This week I caught up with my friend and mentor, Nehemiah Davis. Nehemiah is a serial entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist from Philadelphia, PA.

In this episode, Nehemiah and I discuss the true power of being a servant. Giving is a road to greatness. In the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. “Everyone can be great because anyone can serve.” Nehemiah clearly displays this through his relationships as a business owner and through his work with the Nehemiah Davis Foundation.

So listen in as we share how each of us can discover true purpose by serving others.

" If you are going to be selfish and not share your gift with the world, you never know what you possibly could have created for yourself as well as others."

Nehemiah Davis

Questions I asked:

  • You were raised by your mom because your dad was incarcerated when you were young. You went through a lot of downs as you were growing up. Tell us about your journey.

  • How does someone go about building relationships with people who recognize your value and are willing to invest and support you?  

  • So many people struggle deeply with rejection and the fear of rejection. Being in a field of creativity, you’ve experienced rejection because not everyone can understand your vision. Have you experienced this beyond the publishing process of this book “The Recipe”? How do you deal with fear or insecurities that might arise as it comes to rejection?

  • You started giving to the homeless with your family at a young age and now you have the Nehemiah Davis Foundation where you spend most of your time giving to and providing incredible experiences for the less fortunate in Philadelphia. Tell us more about it and how you hope to see it grow?

  • How can someone use there UV to effect change in peoples lives like you have? What can someone do to begin?

  • The central message in this books seems to focus on, as the subtitle states, “The ingredients of greatness”. What are some of the ingredients you talk about in your book and why are they pivotal to the development of one’s greatness?

  • You focus on helping entrepreneurs get there businesses and ideas off the ground with events, trainings, membership programs and your book the “Step Into Greatness Journal”. Tell us more about what you do and why you decided to write your book.

  • You are made up of where you came from but you don’t have to be who you once were. How can someone take advantage of opportunities to the fullest and make something great out of their lives when they seemingly have nowhere to go?

  • Is there anything else you’d like to share?

In this episode you will learn:

  • The importance of self-assessment.Being mentally unemployable.

  • How to shifts your mindset to win.

  • How to build quality relationships.

  • The power of authenticity.

  • How The Nehemiah Davis Foundation is impacting the global community.

  • How to identify your unique value.

  • How to step into greatness.

  • What you can create once and continue to generate income from.

  • How to make the most of opportunities that are presented.



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