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EP.023 – UV15: The UV Effect Formula [Part 3] Embrace Your UV

In the last two UV15 episodes, I shared the first two steps of the UV Effect Formula; Identify and Define. Now that you know how to develop your unique value, you need to know why.

In this UV15, I share with you the third and final step of the UV Effect Formula – Embrace Your UV. We discuss why knowing your Unique Value is so important, the potential that is often hidden in it, and the effect it can have on your perception of yourself.


I believe that confidence is something that is gradually developed in life as you gather an understanding of what makes you so important. This understanding is a product of The UV Effect.

Here is part three of the UV Effect Formula: EMBRACE Your Unique Value. Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

"People are remembered for what they create, not for what they conform to."

Gabrielle Jordan

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