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EP.022 – Release Restraints To Activate Value with Lucinda Cross-Otiti

My guest on this episode of the The UV Effect Podcast is no stranger to adversity and overcoming. After being incarcerated at only 19 years old, this phenomenal woman developed the mindset and the vision to create the extraordinary life she is living today.

Lucinda Cross-Otiti is an International Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur and Media Personality. Lucinda’s books, TEDx talks, television and radio appearances teach entrepreneurial women and at-risk youth the foundations of living an extraordinary life against all odds.

In this episode, we discuss the importance of being authentic and owning your story. She shares how she spent years being ashamed of her past, and how she found her voice by embracing her history, rather than continuing to run from it.

As always, get your pens and notebooks ready for another inspiring episode of #theUVEffect with the phenomenal, Lucinda Cross-Otiti.

"Our unique value is connected to a portion of the world that we are designated to support."

Lucinda Cross-Otiti

Questions I asked:

  • You are quite the mover and shaker but it hasn’t always been that way. Starting with a mother that taught you so many valuable lessons; I found that your life really began to get in motion when thing hit rock bottom. Tell us about your story, being a 19 year old in prison for making a bad decision and then getting out with focus. 

  • You bring messages of leadership, creativity, goal setting, getting through adversity and so much more. Many speakers and coaches speak on these and similar topics but just like any great speaker we have to tell our own stories and bring new visions and points of view to these sought after topics. Why do you think it’s important for you to speak to women, millennials and at risk youth about these things?

  • Something you focus on and have created a whole conference around this idea, is the word “Activate”. What does this word mean to you and why is it such a key aspect of who you are and your brand?

  • Let’s talk about the ACTIVATE YOUR VISION™ BOARD KIT (as seen on “Queen Boss” on BET and Centric). Vision boards are a big thing that can turn into results when used as a tool instead of just art work. What kind of changes have you seen in your life and the lives of others as a result of these vision boards? 

  • I think an issue that people have when it comes to setting dreams is that we often wish for what other people have instead of what we truly wish to achieve. How can people work to ignore the distractions and focus on their passions?

  • I met your daughter at an event where we both spoke. I love that you brought her to your events. It’s such a powerful way to expose her to a world of possibility. This is a two part question: #1 What advise did your mother instill in you as a child that you use to this day?

  • #2: What advise do you instill in your children that you hope they will use when they are grown?

  • What’s next? Is there anything else you’d like to share?

In this episode you will learn:

  • I’m here to speak my truth and stand in my power.

  • My past is my story, it is the reason I am here.

  • No longer will I allow procrastination to prevent me from moving forward

  • If you are able to Activate, you would not longer be the best kept secret.

  • Authenticity has no competition

  • When we work on our own goals, ambitions and dreams, we’ll see how easy it is to live more, obtain more, have more, become more.

  • You don’t have to become your environment.

  • Standing out makes you become your best.

  • There’s a world that celebrates you doing the things that you love to do.

  • We have to stand up and be our best because somebody needs that.

  • Our unique value is connected to a portion of the world that we are designated to support.




Activate Conference




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