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EP.022 – Release Restraints To Activate Value with Lucinda Cross-Otiti

My guest on this episode of the The UV Effect Podcast is no stranger to adversity and overcoming. After being incarcerated at only 19 years old, this phenomenal woman developed the mindset and the vision to create the extraordinary life she is living today.

Lucinda Cross-Otiti is an International Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur and Media Personality. Lucinda’s books, TEDx talks, television and radio appearances teach entrepreneurial women and at-risk youth the foundations of living an extraordinary life against all odds.

In this episode, we discuss the importance of being authentic and owning your story. She shares how she spent years being ashamed of her past, and how she found her voice by embracing her history, rather than continuing to run from it.

As always, get your pens and notebooks ready for another inspiring episode of #theUVEffect with the phenomenal, Lucinda Cross-Otiti.

"Our unique value is connected to a portion of the world that we are designated to support."

Lucinda Cross-Otiti

Questions I asked: