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EP.020 – Remaining High-Touch In A High-Tech World with Kevin Knebl

People skills. Some people seem to be born with them, others have some work to do. One thing is for certain, there is no escaping the need for them. That is because people skills are needed to excel in life and no doubt in business.  My guest on this episode of the The UV Effect Podcast will explain why.

Kevin Knebl is an International Speaker, Author, Trainer and Joie de Vivre Coach™ whose clients include small, medium and Fortune 500 companies. He’s a leading authority on Social Selling, Relationship Marketing, LinkedIn and Twitter with a healthy dose of Personal Development.

In this episode, we discuss “The People Business”. That’s right, Kevin Knebl is all about the people and how to succeed in business and in sales by authentically connecting with people.

After years of being one of the worlds top sales people in four separate companies, he shares some of his most valuable lessons for both offline and online success.

Get your pens and notebooks ready for another informative episode of #theUVEffect with the man of the people, Mr. Kevin Knebl.

"If you're going to succeed in business and if you’re going to succeed in sales, you need to understand you're in the people business"

Kevin Knebl

Questions I asked:

  • Tell us about yourself. How did you find yourself in world of sales?

  • You were the top sales associate at a company you worked for and then social media came along and you thought to yourself, “This is my next career venture!” What intrigued you about social networks (i.e. LinkedIn and Twitter) and why did you decide to leave your sales job to become this authority on social selling?

  • People have become far more invested in the person behind the product than the product itself; the person’s UV over the companies’. What are some key ways to now sell your product or service with the way social media has changed the game?

  • Social media can be a somewhat tricky sales tool for a few kinds of people:

  1. The Young Entrepreneur/Career Starter who isn’t quite sure how personal is too personal when it comes to what they are posting and sharing.

  2. The Hustler who is constantly DMing and commenting but it’s abundantly clear that they are just trying to sell.

  3. The Traditionalist who thinks of sales as the old school cold call/door-to-door way and who either just doesn’t know where to start or has a hard time transitioning from the older tactics to the newer more personal ones. What advise would you give to each group?

  • You wrote a book called, “The Social Media Revolution” that talks about sales via social media. Why was this an important book for you to write?What is the most important thing that someone should take away from your book and the whole social media revolution in of itself?

  • Is there anything else you’d like to share?

In this episode you will learn:

  • If you’re going to succeed in business and if you’re going to succeed in sales, you need to understand you’re in the people business. [7:05]

  • I shifted from thinking about sales, to more thinking about service; how can I serve people, how can I help people. [11:15]

  • I was always focused on creating, nurturing and deepening relationships; learning about the other person, being of service and creating a sincere relationship. [14:14]

  • You are in the conversation and relationship business whether you realize you are or not. [16:05]

  • If you are really good at what you do but you don’t get that you are in the people business, you might as well be on an island somewhere with a volleyball names Wilson. [16:17]

  • Advice for the Young Entrepreneur/Career Starter [23:43]

  • Eighty percent of the whatever it is we are posting, should not be about us. It should either be informational, educational, inspirational or motivational. [25:30]

  • Advice for the Hustler. [28:40]

  • Slowing down will get you where you want to go faster than almost anything else. [29:45]

  • Nothing is going to get you to the goal faster than sincerely and authentically connecting with another human being. [30:25]

  • Advice for the Traditionalist. [33:29]

  • The more that a person is comfortable with who they are, just naturally, the more they’re going to come across as authentic and they’re going to have their UV show. [43:50]

  • There business growth is going to be a reflection of their personal growth. [45:53]

  • The life we lead is the lesson we teach. [53:39]

  • The more we can be centered on who we are and our unique value, and we play a long game, we’re going to win. [58:15]








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