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EP.018 – Teen Mom Turned Millionaire Mentor with Ronne Brown

Have you ever wondered how some people can manage to not only make lemonade from the lemons life throws at them, but create a multi-million dollar business from those lemons?

Well, my guest on this episode of The UV Effect Podcast did  just that and has been teaching other women how to do the same.

Ronne Brown is the founder and CEO of Millionaire’s Academy and High Heels High Goals, a non-profit that equips and fund women entrepreneurs.

You will hear her compelling story of how she transformed her life from a single teenage mom to an influencer, uplifting the lives of thousands.

You will also hear her take on what I now call “the NASA approach” [22:42].

We dug in deep and discussed the things that hold us back and that keep us from embracing our unique value.

Go ahead, click play and get ready for another life changing episode of #theUVEffect with Ronne Brown.

"How long are you going to allow other people to how you determine are going to live?"

Ronne Brown

Questions I asked:

  • At one point in your life you were a janitor and a teen mom. At another point you had 3 kids and you were laid off from your job. What challenges did this life bring for you and how did you change your life for the better?

  • Going from a teen mom struggling to make a living to a successful business owner teaching others how to do the same, is a journey that can offer much to learn. What are some of the most important things you’ve learned from that difficult time in your life that you owe your success to today?

  • You work with women that are aspiring and developing entrepreneurs to help them grow there businesses through your non-profit “High Heels High Goals”. What was the inspiration behind it?

  • Women often struggle with developing confidence more so then men. We have a harder time grasping our distinct and valuable qualities as well as feeling as if we’re actually valuable. Have you recognized this struggle with the women you’ve worked with?

  • How important is it for someone to understand their personal Unique Value in order for them to understand the Unique Value of their company?

  • Your children have been there through so much of your journey thus far. What parts of you do you hope they will learn from and be inspired by as they grow and embark on their own journeys?

  • Is there anything else you’d like to share?

In this episode you will learn:

  • The true meaning of life’s storms. [11:27]

  • The importance of authenticity [12:17]

  • Lessons to overcoming rough beginnings [13:18]

  • To overcome the opinions of others [16:18]

  • To determine who is suppose to be in your life. [20:23]

  • The importance of mentoring to REACH the masses, not just to the masses [22:42]

  • Where a lot of entrepreneurs fail [31:16]



RonneB Website

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