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EP.016 - Recognizing Your Value Through Self- Awareness with Early Jackson

In this episode of the The UV Effect Podcast, I am joined by Life Coach and author, Early Jackson.

Early is the CEO of New Direction Coaching Associates, where he empowers individual to “turn on the light switch” in their lives and live a life of purpose the same way he was about to do so himself. From a life of drug addition to social activism, Early Jackson shares his journey and drops some insightful gems along the way. There are quite a few tweetable moments.

You will also hear his take on “fairytale relationships” and what we can learn from Disney Princesses plus so much more.

Get ready for an empowering episode of #theUVEffect with Early Jackson.

" Who we are is our purpose. Our purpose is woven into our DNA so you can’t separate the person from the purpose."

Early Jackson

Questions I asked:

  • You share about your addiction to a string of drugs and your struggle to overcome them. How long ago was this? What drove you to drug use and what was the turning point that made you decide it was time to change your life?

  • I think it’s crucial for us to look at the good and difficult parts of our life and see how all of the moments had it’s purpose. Of the dark moments in your past, what would you owe to the success you have achieved today?

  • What came first for you, understanding your purpose or understanding who you are?

  • By hosting this podcast, I have found that the root of many problems people face is a lack of self-awareness. Is that something you come across a lot with the clients that walk through your door?

  • What are other root problems that affect people?

  • Tell us about your book, The Modern Princess. Why did you write this book?

  • What’s next? Is there anything else you’d like to share?

In this episode you will learn:

  • The difference between helping someone and empowering them. [4:18]

  • The importance of knowing your purpose [6:32]

  • How understanding value shifts our perspective throughout our lives [10:50]

  • How to learn from your darkest experiences [12:50]

  • The true meaning of the word “friend” and the proper use of the word. [16:20]

  • About the myths of fairytale relationships [18:15]

  • The root to many of our struggles [24:50]







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