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EP.015 – UV15: I Must Be Crazy

“This may sound like mumbo jumbo but….”

You’ve probably heard something like this before from a guest on this podcast, another show, a conference or someone you know. You may have even said it yourself.  This statement is often the precursor before making a statement that people may consider “crazy”.

What is the mumbo jumbo? It’s the things that people don’t understand and don’t seek to understand. Did anyone ever tell you something that you refused to listen to or believe was true?

To walk through life believing that everything we believe is gospel and there is nothing that anyone can say to make us think otherwise is foolish.

By actively working to get a better understanding of others and opening our minds to different ideals and beliefs, we can gauge how our UV can impact the world and what we need to do in order for others to receive our messages and missions.

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

"Don't limit yourself to what you know, but rather open your mind to what you can learn."

Gabrielle Jordan

[UPDATE]  I decided to go on IG LIVE to address opinions I shared about the alt-right and the alt-left in this episode. I also want to discuss some of the newer developments that have occurred in the news that I did not see until after I recorded this episode regarding these groups. I feel I need to edit and clarify the statements I made in order for you to understand my point of view and the message that I wanted to come across. These kinds of discussions are incredibly important to me, seeing that our nation and our world seems to be falling apart quicker than coming together. The acts of kindness being done in Houston provide hope but there is so much we still need to do as a society to bring us together again. My mom always reminds me to be apart of the solution and as a young trailblazer, I believe it is my job to do just that. #TheUVEffect

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