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EP.014 – Pushing Through Risk To Manifest Bliss with Maimah Karmo

My guest on this episode of the The UV Effect Podcast is nothing less than a survivor.

Maimah Karmo is the founder of the Tigerlily Foundation, a national breast cancer foundation she founded while in the midst of her own difficult breast cancer battle.  Maimah has dedicated her life to providing education, awareness, advocacy and hands-on support to young women (15-45) – before, during and after breast cancer. But even more, she is committed to helping women ‘manifest bliss’ in their lives.

In this interview,  Maimah Karmo shares her journey from war torn Liberia to a life of endless potential.

Get your pen and paper handy and get ready for another thought-provoking episode of #theUVEffect with Maimah Karmo.

" I don’t know how I did it but that’s where God steps in, that’s where faith steps in, that’s where vision steps in and that’s where belief in something bigger than you steps in."

Maimah Karmo

Questions I asked:

  • You have been through a lot in your life, it just doesn’t seem real. It’s incredible what you have overcome to live a “life of bliss”, as you say, and creating a beautiful world for your daughter to live in as well. Share your story with our listeners; the things you’ve fought through and then created for yourself.

  • You started the Tigerlily Foundation to help women before, during and after breast cancer through advocacy, education, financial support and much more. I’m a Youth Ambassador for this incredible foundation and I talk about Tigerlily all the time! The empowerment you provide for women is astronomical. Tell us more about Tigerlily and how women can be apart of it.

  • When you were young, you had a special understanding of the world. It was more than just a physical understanding but a spiritual one as well. Because of that connection with something greater than yourself, you were different. There was seemingly never a place where you really felt comfortably. I understand 100% and I go through that myself. Tell us more about this unique connection you have.

  • People often have a problem with being different. Having something like a spiritual connection is somewhat taboo in our society. If we are being honest, we all have a spiritual connection. Some people have it stronger than others, but people have been conditioned to ignore it. As a person with a strong connection, it feels as if this gift is often rejected which can make it hard to utilize it to its fullest potential. How would you suggest someone cultivate their gift instead of ignoring it because it’s so different from the rest of the world?

  • Life is really about discovering yourself and what you can do for others and you have truly been able to do that. Now you help others do the same through coaching, podcasting, your book “Fearless”, and your event, “I Manifest Bliss”. Tell us about this message of creating bliss for your life as well as your event coming up and your book.

  • Lets talk about your daughter Noelle. She is making moves of her own for others with her Pajama Glam party for girl empowerment and health, which is growing bigger and bigger each year. You have clearly imparted much wisdom in her life and with her being by your side during your breast cancer battle, she got the chance to see your strength and courage in full effect. I see that you encourage her to be herself and that’s great! What is one attribute about yourself that you hope she learn? What is something about her that you hope she’ll cultivate in herself?

  • Is there anything else you’d like to share?

In this episode you will learn:

  • How to find strength in times of weakness.

  • How to handle being “different”.

  • The power of embracing your unicorn.

  • How to Manifest Bliss in your life.



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