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EP.013 – UV15: Welcome To Season 2

Welcome to a new season of The UV Effect Podcast!

Although we have been away for the summer, I have been busy interviewing the most inspiring people and producing a lot of great content to bring you this season. I learned so much from these interviews, simply by listening to their stories and their knowledge, and I can’t wait to share them all with you. It’s going to be a bucket load of awesomeness!

I also took some time to do quite a bit of research concerning the UV Effect in order to develop new ways to expound on this message and help you reach further in developing your unique value.

A lot has been happening in society, and this season I will be addressing social issues and how to navigate through them using your unique value. It is a constant battle remaining confident in ourselves with everything that is happening which is why I’m excited to talk to you about these issues.

I want you to enter this season of the UV Effect Podcast with an open mind. Get ready to receive information that may be practical, controversial, and intriguing. We can no longer afford to surround ourselves with people who only think and sound like us. The moment you shut yourself off from things that do not fit into your “box”, is the moment you stop growing. So get ready for Season 2 of The UV Effect Podcast and let’s dig into something new together!

"There’s a world of opportunities when you allow yourself to open your mind and listen to what is happening in the moment."

Gabrielle Jordan

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