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EP.012 – UV15: Is The World Distracting You?

People have a natural inclination to fit in, be liked, and be excepted. It’s an instinct and it’s hard for many to fight it. This is why we have to walk away from the world for a bit.

It can get overwhelming and crowded with so many thoughts, ideas and opinions that come from you and the rest of the world and it gets hard to figure out who’s who and what’s what.

It is important to take time to de-clutter and reorganize your mind.This is where I find I’m able to ease my mind, break down my circumstance and make decisions on what to do next, not solely on what someone says or thinks but based also on my point of view.

Summer is a great time to do just that. Take time to do some summer mind cleaning. Get reorganized and redefined so you can go out and make a lasting impact on this world.

Being content with just being by myself, allowed me to think and gather an understanding of who I am, who I want to be and the message I wanted to share with the world.”  

Gabrielle Jordan

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