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EP.011 – From Child Bride To Changemaker with Zarif Sahin

Several years ago, I had the pleasure of sharing a TEDx stage with today’s guest. When listening to her talk, I was both shocked and inspired. With the launch of The UV Effect Podcast, I knew I had to have her on to share her story.

In this episode, you will be amazed by Real Estate agent and a voice for child brides, Zarif Sahin.

You will hear her story of becoming a child bride at only 14 years old, traveling to a new world and having her first child at 16 years old. You will be inspired by her strength and determination to build a new life for her three daughter and make education a priority in their lives.

Get ready for another uplifting episode of #TheUVEffect with Zarif Sahin.

" My faith was stronger than my fears and that got me through."

Zarif Sahin

Questions I asked:

  • Tell us about your journey Turkey to the United States.

  • How did you end up in Real Estate and become one of the top agents in your firm?

  • How do you attribute your struggle as a child bride to your success?

  • Tell us what you are doing to fight against child brides?

  • What did you share with your girls to instill confidence in them?

In this episode you will learn:

  • How she prioritized her children over fear to create a better life.The importance of education.

  • How she rebuilt her life after financial turmoil.

  • The reality of the child bride crisis and how you can help.







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