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EP.010 – UV15: People vs. Perfection

Perfect means with out fault. So in that case, none of us are perfect  because we have all done something wrong and we can all improve, learn and grow.

We place perfection high up on an invisible pedestal and due to the way the word perfection is implemented into society, the objective is to please everyone’s ideas of who you should be. We are constantly, CONSTANTLY striving to do just that so we will be liked, approved of….PERFECT. And when we can’t seem to please everyone and achieve perfection, we think there is something wrong with us – that we are the problem. We are all being held to this standard of perfection that isn’t possible for us to reach without loosing ourselves.

 I’m done with this false standards of perfection!

We have to remind ourselves of what perfection really means; Without Fault; and that is not achievable. However, if we are going to “strive for perfection’ we must be able to ‘settle for excellence”.

Let me know what you think. If you agree or have an opposing view, leave a comment and let me know.

“The word perfect is such a staple in our society but it’s funny that because we use it in such an irrelevant way, it has lost its meaning. It is truly meaningless at this point.”  

Gabrielle Jordan

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