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EP.009 – Hair, Beauty and Self Love with Miko Branch

My guest on this episode of the The UV Effect Podcast is a pioneer and innovator.

Miko Branch is the Co-Founder and CEO of the dynamic Miss Jessie’s – the company that revolutionized the hair care industry. Miko and her sister, Titi, revitalized the entire hair care market by being the first to develop original and ground breaking hair products designed for curly haired girls from all ethnic backgrounds.

In this interview, Miko shared her journey from identifying and accepting her uniqueness, building a beauty empire to overcoming the tragic loss of her sister.

Get your pen and paper handy and get ready for another thought-provoking episode of #theUVEffect with Miko Branch.

"There is a difference between being inspired by and comparing to…at the end of the day, there has to be self love."

Miko Branch

Questions I asked:

  • What was the inspiration behind starting a hair care company for curly hair girls like myself?

  • What made you believe that you could succeed in the beauty industry?

  • Where did the confidence to jump into this world come from?

  • What was  the hardest thing you faced when braking into a new industry and how did you over come it?

  • How did you overcome such a huge loss in your life and your business?

  • How do you think minorities can begin to embrace what makes them unique and beautiful with all the pressures of society?

In this episode you will learn:

  • What gave her the confidence to move forward in launching her business.

  • How she and her sister became pioneers in the beauty industry

  • How she overcame comparison and learned to love herself naturally.

  • What she did to move forward after tragedy








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