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EP.004 – Training The Mind, Discovering Your UV with Dr. Samantha Madhosingh

Can you go without complaining for 24 hours? Sounds easy? Then I challenge you to give it a try. This is one of the mindset techniques that Dr Samantha Madhosingh shares in this episode.

We had a great discussion on the mind and how to train and develop it in order to discover your unique value. But we did not stop there.

As you will hear, Dr. Madhosingh touches on parenting, self-awareness, confidence in the workplace and so much more.

One of the amazing things about this interview is that many of the “unconventional” parenting techniques that Dr. Madhosingh discussed, were used by my parents in raising my brother and I. So I’d like to think that I am proof of the importance of early mindset development.

Amazing nuggets of knowledge were dropped throughout this interview so enjoy my conversation with Dr. Samantha Madhosingh on #TheUVEffect.

"If you understand how the brain works, you understand everything."

Dr. Samantha Madhosingh

Questions I asked:

  • What is your company, ElevateHER, all about?

  • Do you remember when you gained an understanding of your UV both professionally and personally?

  • What are the key Do’s and Don’ts when developing your mindset?

  • What are the societal pressures that give way to our struggles in finding ourselves?

  • How important do you believe self awareness is to developing a persons mindset?

  • What advise could you give someone whom is struggling with self awareness and self control?

  • What are some things that you know now that you wish you knew when going through your hardest moments of depression?

  • Where did your depression stem from?

  • What are your thoughts on whether its important or not to identify that?

In this episode you will learn:

  • How to cultivate a positive mindset.

  • How to recognize the stories we tell ourselves.

  • The #1 pressure for middle and high schoolers.

  • How to find your inner strength.

  • How conformity hurts kids.








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