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EP.002 – Defining Your UV as a Leader of Leaders with Robert Kennedy III

In this episode, I talk to Robert Kennedy III – National Leadership and Communication Coach, Trainer, Speaker and Author.

We had a great conversation, tapping into leadership on different levels.

He shares how his unique value as a communications leader has an effect on his life not only on a professional level but how it affects his family.

"Problems happen whether we intend for them to happen or not. Creativity is your response to those problems."

Robert Kennedy III

Questions I asked:

  • Why is leadership, and more specifically, teaching leadership so important to you?

  • How can someone use creativity in order to develop there unique value in leadership?

  • How can someone figure out the reason why someone should listen or follow them; to identify what they bring to the table?

  • What have you done to allow potential clients to clearly recognize your “Unique Value”?

  • In what way do you or do you wish to effect people?

  • Do you pass your leadership knowledge on to your children?

  • Do you wish for them to take on this type of mindset themselves?

In this episode you will learn:

  • How to move from “being the boss”, to a leader that creates other leaders 

  • What is Creativity in Leadership

  • What is a Leader

  • How to identify your Unique Value as a Leader










Robert’s Book Recommendation: The Wealth Warrior  by Steve Chandler

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